Thursday, August 28, 2008


I do believe that it was Jack's call to walk away.

School board member April Griffin said Elia called her Tuesday afternoon to tell her about Davis. "I was told it was because of his back and his health problems," Griffin said. "I think that's their story and they're sticking to it."

This is why I like April.

Back problems?

As chief information and technology officer, Davis also supervises the district's communications, assessment and accountability, information services, staff development, supplier diversity, and customer service and support.

This kind of "responsibility creep" is daunting. Please read it carefully. His plate was HUGE!

The district continues to pile it on everybody to the point of absurdity. Why hire another employee when we can force a current one at the same rate of pay?
Jack saw an escape and took it. I'll bet he also saw the futility of having to work with people he would have preferred to fire but couldn't. Hear the creaking? Its HCPS on the verge of collapse.

...Valdes said. "Blaming it on transportation department head John Franklin would be so unfair. He was given the tools he was given and the staff he had."

April PLEEEEASE tell Susan to think this stuff out.
EVERYONE is EXPECTED to educate the raw material that comes into our class with the tools the district provides! So many of us BUY additional tools and see how bogus her response sounds.!

It was John Franklin's JOB to get the kids to and from school!!
If he and his staff were incapable of working with the multimillion dollar bus scheduling software then why is everyone tripping over themselves to overlook it? How many of these folks are remnants of the purchasing department "transfer" when that department hit the skids?

OK I'll say it: "buddy system?", "political correctness?","quota hires?", "gonad challenged?", "estrogen deficit?"

I have had occasion to deal with Jack Davis. He was always a gentleman and professional no matter how pissed we were. I can't help but think "there's something rotten in Denmark".

"Neither Davis nor Elia could be reached for comment Wednesday."

I wonder if they were negotiating with Mike Greco?


Anonymous said...

WOW! what a mess... NEXT!... Who in their right mind would take his place? We Kdg. Teachers are worried about the upcoming "pool" What are the "new" procedures due to CSR? Anybody know? CTA (Can't Talk About it) dosn't.. Surprised?
Rumors state "price(not)pals" have more power than ever to place us or "slot" us where they want. Close to 10 years in the SDHC, love to teach not the "SH%$#@it"

Anonymous said...

When will somebody INCLUDE the drivers ideas, or at least listen to them?

Are we to assume that the district thinks they are too dumb to have a solution - but not too dumb to drive our kids (as long as they settle for their hourly rate)?

This kind of contradiction makes me CRAZY!!!!!

Anonymous said...

"gonad challenged?", "estrogen deficit?"




where do you get this?

Anonymous said...

anon 9:38--they'll start listening to bus drivers about the same time they start listening to teachers! Don't hold your breath!

The Special Ed Concierge said...

I have a comment about Mr. Davis.

From my perspective, he is a victim of "the system".

PRO on HCPS: Who Will "They" Hire - Part Four

Leondra said...

On the first day of school, 156 ESE students in Area 3 were not given buses. Multiply that by 7. Last Friday, my school still had 3 not on buses. AND what did Ms Elia pay for the consultant for buses?

April Griffin said...

Here is some other information on this issue.

And I want to say for the record that Mr. Davis is a very nice man. I wish him nothing but future success.