Saturday, August 16, 2008


What more can I say?
Teachers need to flex their political muscle. When you walk into the polling place remember everything promised.
Get angry.
Get revenge.
Re-elect NOBODY.


Anonymous said...

I have some reservations.....that Schmidt.. MR. ELIA gave him $500.00--and nothing to Valdes.....make me wonder..... as for Jack and Dottie--we're stuck with them.

Anonymous said...

I think Valdes is the lesser of two evils. Schmidt would be just like Lamb...useless.

Anonymous said...

I think Schmidt is a current admin person at ROSSAC. If elected, he'll get to retire, collect a pension and School Soard salary and join his pals Lamb and Edgecomb!!! How sweet for all of the ROSSAC bunch ! Valdes may be naive, but I think she has the best interests of the kids at heart. She is, indeed, the lesser of two evils! Vote us a chance!! Don't shut us out until the NEXT election!

Anonymous said...

We can rationalize anything as displayed in these posts. The do make some sense.

With 27,000 employees in the district we can impose Term Limits at will. If we have the will.

Has ANY board member made our lives better?

Thomas Vaughan said...

With 27,000 employees we could do anything if we had the courage to stand up but teachers are generally "good" boys and girls who are very respectful of authority and need the approval of principals.

I am not sure it is even possible to push teachers far enough to make them finally stand up for themselves.

Personally I am hoping for more abuse, more disrespect and more lack of consideration...maybe there is a tipping point.

We can only hope.

Anonymous said...

Hey Parents

The district has MANDATED that rooms be kept at a temperature NO LESS than 76 degrees.

Try concentrating with 25+ smelly, hot (not Raguso defined hot) teens.


April Griffin said...

Susie and all,

I always read these blogs with interest.

I agree that we need change on the board, which is exactly why I ran. It has consistently been a 5-2 vote on this board with the 2 being me and Susan Valdes. We are the only two that question the administration and are often repremanded and chastised publicly by Kurdell and others when we do.

Please understand that the administration is and has been after Susan since she endorsed me when I ran in 2006.

Should she have slowed down on her travel? Yes, but I know for a fact that she is not at these conventions sight seeing as many would have you believe. She is working diligently to learn as much as she can to become a better school board member and to bring that information back to the district.

Give her a chance to redeem herself. I know in my heart of hearts that she is a good person with all the best intentions for students, teachers, and her community that has been neglected for far too long before she was elected. She is also the only other board member besides myself that does not walk lock step with the rest of the board and vote yes on every superintendent recommendation. She does question the status quo.

As for Kurdell. I have nothing against her personally. I just believe that like me, Stephen Gorham will maintain the separation between himself and the people in the administration he will be empowered to oversee. He is a business man, a father with children who will be in public school for many years to come, and the husband of a teacher. In other words, he has skin in this game.

I endorsed him a while back and know the backlash I will suffer, but know it is the right thing to do.

Please vote for Susan Valdes and Stephen Gorham on August 26th.

I need them.

At your service, April Griffin

Suzie Creamcheese said...

Point well-taken April.

I have no reason to doubt what you say about Susan.

I ask my readers to give it due thought and consideration-


April Griffin said...

Thank you Suzie...and rock on!

ironboltbruce said...

Re-Elect Nobody? Yeah Right...


FOREWORD by Bruce Arnold (

Last Tuesday, 2 November 2010, was the day the Free and the Brave had pledged to "Re-Elect Nobody" and "throw the bums out" of Washington. Instead, with their woolly heads filled with billions of dollars worth of political propaganda, half-truths and outright lies paid for in no small part by foreign and anonymous corporate donations legalized by the Supreme Court's "Citizens United v. FEC" decision, the American Sheeple voted as programmed and--despite the largely-manufactured dissent and highly-publicized victories of a few billionaire-funded AstroTurf Tea Party candidates--dutifully re-elected the incumbents in 83% of the Senate contests and 86% of all House races.

Re-Elect Nobody? Yeah Right... There was no real change in 2008. There was no real change in 2010. There will be no real change in 2012 or thereafter. In the following article from, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts explains why: