Friday, August 22, 2008


From a recent post:

Sheesh!!! What a week!! My classes are all huge with more coming--and not enough desks!!! The first day was awful--5-8 kids in my last period class couldn't find an intersection close to their house for the bus. Many parents brought their kids TO school 'cause the bus never came!!!

how was YOUR first week? (4 days really)

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Anonymous said...

Pretty chaotic week I must say. The transportation fiasco of course was a big part of it. Parents yelling and moaning at office staff and not understanding that things were actually out of our hands. (Once again, we take the brunt at the bottom for poor planning at the top.) Then the sheduling flaws seemed to be even more bizarre than usual. Silk is NOT what they promised it would be! Multi-level placement is now rampant through all grades, with little ryhme or reason. Trying to understand the ACR's is ridiculous, so forget trying to explain them to parents. Also, I think they were stingy with units this year as I hear from most that classes are packed, especially in the regular track where NOBODY is expected to fit anymore.

Anonymous said...

lszcDear anonymous--
Ditto at my school! What's an ACR?
I hate walking by an academic class with 25 kids (remember THAT amandment?) and then an elective class with 40 kids.....what a mess. I sure hope everyone voted...

Anonymous said...

ACR's = Automatic Course Requests which is a feature of SILK that allows the scheduler to pre-assign course selections to groups of students. The main criteria or "rules" are determined at district level and generally involve FCAT scores which drive placement. Lots of glitches though, as factors such as patterns of testing, exceptionalities, prior grades, etc.. are not taken into consideration. I heard high schools are now placing 10th grade students in remedial reading classes based on their 8th grade scores, whether or not they did well on their freshman try. At the same time, they're telling us remediation is not the answer and that these kids need exposure to higher level courses and interesting electives. The district never seems to be able to make up their minds as everyone seems to have an opposing agenda.

Anonymous said...

Thanks--now I jave a better idea why my classes are packed and "it" sends more!!! And still the bus troubles persist!!!

VOTE for Gorham in November--we must have change!!