Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Do You Remember - Your Classroom Christmas?

We had a tree, a play, wise-men, baby Jesus, carols, cookies, cards, and wished everyone a Merry Christmas. Our insensitivity knew no bounds: we included everyone in our Christmas wishes.

We were a 1-12 school - talk about seeing the future!

Every year our principal made a feeble attempt at "being" Santa during our Christmas assembly - much to the delight of the upper class men.

Every year the seniors would "intimidate" those 6th graders who would "threaten" to tell the little kids about Santa.

Every year we visited classrooms to sing carols.

Every year we looked forward to the next.

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE ! - no matter how you translate the spirit.

-Suzie's going "home for the holidays" -

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Board member Jennifer Faliero tries to control blogs by suggesting that blogs "govern" unregistered posters. In other words: "Your papers please."

Check it out here and at the University of Miami Education Students Blog!

So much for P.R.

I wonder why she doesn't start a blog (ala April) and join us. Could it be, as Lee contends, that her writing/tech skills aren't up to the task and would reveal she had used the schools PR department to answer newspaper criticism?

The good thing is that her comments, efforts and behavior will reside on the web for a very long time. (File Under: Swingin' Time)

Stay tuned - ESPECIALLY during the election season.

Don't worry either, you may comment without reservation or registration on TheWALL.

Monday, December 8, 2008


If you were to read the Sunday Trib article you may have concluded that the district was eliminating the Deferred Retirement Option Program.

It's not. It is however halting the practice of extending the program from 5 years to 7 years.

You'll have to "go out" in 5 years.

Considering the current state of the economy this strategy will allow the district to recruit new blood sooner. Is this a good move for our students?

Will administrators and deputy superintendents be included?